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Basic Concept:
Player focused area on the surface world that the player utilizes Herblore and several secondary skills to run a 'business' centered around the Herblore Skill.

An NPC would be present. The NPC would have a wacky backstory (ie: all of their former business partners had strange mishaps) as to why they need someone to help them run the business.
The NPC would handle more of the "business" while the player handles more of the "operations".

The player would need to inject resources and GP. Then perform actions within the shop.
In return, the player would earn Herblore XP, XP in secondary skills, access to acquire excess inventory from the Shop's stock (ie: Herbs, secondaries, finished potions.)
Player could gain access to additional unlocks such as new potion recipes, farming plots related to the activity (ie: 1 Herb Patch, 1 or more Flower Patches, 1 Bush Patch), ability to purchase the Botanist's Outfit Pieces..

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Suggested Primary Activity

Low Level
This would be a low difficulty exorcise. Only requiring inputs of resources/gp.

You know that Guam + Eye of Newt = 3 dose Attack Potion. Or Tarromin + Limp Root = 3 dose Strength Potion.
Did you know there actually other ways to make the various potions?
The methods most people work with are considered the most efficient and the most practical.
Other ways involve very expensive or rare ingredients (or some that don't exist anymore.) Or are just too impractical, requiring lots of steps to make.
Plus for adventurers, or general use, the 3-4 dose potions in a vial are often convenient enough.

But what about at an industrial scale?
The methods for large scale production aren't often used due to again: costs, questionable efficiency, and .... weird side effects.
Potions that the effects last for about a minute. Unintended side effects (+5 in Strength, -30 in Attack). Or drinking an Antifire Potion, then spontaneously combusting.
Luckily, the NPC has the recipes and processes to get 'working' outputs.

The supporting NPC at the POPS will get contract requests for mundane potions like combat potions from Imperial Guard and White Knights, or Prayer Potions from some of the Monastaries, or general herbal potions for the Apothecary.

The player will need to build Wooden Vats and the supporting machinery.
Why wooden? Well ... whenever the recipes are made using metal vats, it leaves a really nasty aftertaste that makes it so no customer ever wants to drink it again. Wooden retains that taste, and even enhances it.
Why metal? Metal vats can handle the process far better. The mixing gradually destroys the wooden vats.

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The Player will use Construction and materials to build and maintain the vats.
On the request, the player will input the required herblore materials and make the large scale potion.
The vats will require time (hours. days.) to make to customer order.

When time is complete, the player will get outputted barrels of potions, and a success percentage.
Herblore XP is awarded based on your success rate.

Ingredients used in the low level activity will be commonplace in game.

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Higher Level
Players will create far more exotic mixes. Some of which may require ... unique ... methods to make or acquire.

Essence of whiteberry or dwellberry extract? Not too difficult.
Strange Fruit paste? Ways of finding and getting that.
Lergberry or Kaffelberry juice? Can't trade for that, but you know where to get it.
Shadow of Shades? Wait. What?

These requests will be from NPCs suffering rare ailments, or testing out their own formulas but don't have a setup that could handle producing even a single vial.

The player will need to scour far and wide for the necessary ingredients, or pay a handsome sum of gp to have someone get it for them.

Again, the mixing will take some time. Even more than regular orders. The player may or may not need to occasionally interact with the vat to keep the target goal on track.

In the end, XP will be awarded based on performance.

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Secondary Activities
The POPS will need some steady supply of herbal ingredients to keep running. Luckily, there is an area (in the workshop, or below ground) where the player can help.

Here, the player can setup a self sustaining growth of herbs, berries, and flowers to supply the vats. The player will need to do a 1 time build of the Hydroponics, and then do several upgrades to support higher tier herbs/berries/etc. Building and upgrading awards Construction XP.

The player can directly add seeds to the hydroponic hopper. Farming XP is awarded at rates similar to Seedicide. Seeds will be consumed overtime in relation to production. The hoppers will be able to take any normal seeds from Bushes, Flowers, and Herbs, as well as ones that are normally untradeable such as White Tree Fruit and Herblore Habitat products.

Some animals also supply Herblore ingredients.
Players can build a Terraium for creatures like spiders to provide Spider Eggs for POPS.

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