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Re-posting due to the original thread being removed with the ninja forums:


I have recently completed the light within quest and was delighted to find out that the overhead Seren prayers can be used in conjunction soul split!

After some playing around: I discovered that the overhead icon for Soul Split overrides the icon for Soul Link and Teamwork Protection prayers. This is very counterintuitive as the latter two require additional players to also activate the same prayer in order to benefit from.

Would it be possible if we could have the Soul Link and Teamwork Protection prayers' overhead icon show on top of any other overheads we are using: so that other players can have a visual cue to turn their team prayers on too?

Cheers :)

[edit] Please also remove the animation delay for Soul Link

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I support this.

I think this is a good idea, for group environment PVM. Group prayers are difficult to proc correctly when others around you get little or no indication as to when to use it. Especially when
personal prayer i.e. soul split and protection, over head icons override the Group prayer icons.

If there is little work or no work around for this. At least
configure it so that group prayer overheads go on top of personal prayer
. As I do believe a buff bar exists for a reason, and others can't see your own buff bar.
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