Giant New Skill: Exploring

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Saint Arson

Saint Arson

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I think this update is bigger than you realize. It'd basically completely reshape runescape into a different game, which is very unhealthy for the community. To make this, it might actually just be easier to start from scratch and re-write the game completely.

Also, I don't fully understand how it works. You say Asgarnia would require a very low level to "navigate." What exactly does that mean? You set your destination and based on RNG, your character might get lost if you don't have a high enough Exploration level?

It also sounds extremely boring to train. Maybe even annoying. Setting destinations and then occasionally accidentally running into "points of interest" for xp. That kinda forces you to walk everywhere rather than teleport. Or just walk around just for xp.
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01-Nov-2017 03:55:02

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