Wartorn Behemoth Skilling Boss

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A Giant creature whose mind has been corrupted by memories of an ancient war. The only light it has come across in its life of darkness is that of the Lighthouse.
-Spears lodged in its flesh wish you will remove via Woodcutting.

-Flesh wounds that need to be stapled and sewn shut by Smithing staples and Crafting rope to stitch the wounds.

-Access to its skull via a wound to siphon corrupted memories of a war long gone and for Divination xp.

-Tethers and the creature's body itself to get you from place to place on the giant creature's back for Agility xp.

-Broken infected scales which need to be mined away from its flesh.

-Access to its Ribcage via another grim wound where you will find an ancient wizard who knows of the good heart of the beast and has set up an altar in its chest that you can craft Blood Essence which can be used to heal the creature's heart.

-A peculiar fungus has started to grow around infected areas. Remove the fungus for some Farming xp and clean it for some Herblore xp.

-The wizard isn't the only stow-away on this Creature. Use your Hunter skill to track traces of warriors and Pickpocket them for their Diary Pages that will give you an insight into the lore of the creature and its past and maps that the player(s) can use to navigate deep wounds to get to some extra goodies and a bit of Dungeoneering xp.

-Catch fish in the creature's tears and Cook them on the geysers located on the creature's head and sling those little fish into the beast's mouth!

-Initial access to the creature will involve needing to Construct a catapult which will send the player(s) to the creature's back so they can start the event.

Feedback would be lovely. Would love to know what our wonderful Jmods think of this idea.
This idea has been keeping me up after a 12hour night shift aha.

All the best everyone! See you in game!

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Sounds like the start to a good addition - unfortunately I can't think of any ways to expand upon this idea at this time (but I'm certain that there are ways that it could be expanded)

EDIT: Perhaps we could use invention to create tools to better help this behemoth?
Ooh, a light at the end of the tunnel...
...Do you think I should get off the tracks?

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I like quite a few of the ideas in this.

I think that a few things could be added, too, especially elements from other activities, that seem to have proved popular, or given communities a scaffold to build around:

1) Some sort of scouting element, to find/spot the behemoth (either multiple possible locations, or one that doesn't show very often, but needs checking/keeping watch - though that should probably give some xp, or be multi-taskable with another skilling action), such as spotting it from the top of the lighthouse. Scouting was a key part to forming the Evil Tree & Shooting Star communities.

2) It would be nice if players of different skill levels required eachother, so that low levels were needed for some things, and high levels were needed for others (so that a mixture of levels created the best experience, and it wasn't limited to Maxed-player groups (something to encourage interaction across the levels.

- The Catapult there could require a mid-level Construct stat, so as to encourage people to start gathering into groups (it could require several people contributing to it, at once, to become operational).

- Once there, some activities could be mutually beneficial, so that if both are being done, they will both give better returns (you could even require some things, in order to be able to do others), and activities could be gauged for different levels.

(there are risks to doing this, so it may need careful balancing, but it would be great if there could be at least an element of player mixing, between the different levels).

Are you still wishing to pursue this suggestion?

If so would you be interested in being included in a compendium of Skilling Boss ideas?
(I'm thinking of starting one, so that it's easier to find and maintain Skilling Boss threads, which should help keep the ideas flowing, and make it more likely something will catch the eye of a Mod).

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