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Saint Arson

Saint Arson

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Seems fairly pointless UNLESS:

1. NPC gives you a giftbox
2. You put whatever you want into the giftbox
3. You give the gift back to the NPC
4. NPC asks "who would you like to send the gift to?"
You select someone on your friends list.
5. NPC asks "when would you like them to receive this gift?"
You select a date and time, or a few preset amounts of time from now (ex. One week from
now, immediately, tomorrow, etc).
6. The NPC pops up next to the player the next time they're logged in after the date and time you've set and say in public chat "Hi there, (insert username)! You've received a gift from (insert username)!" It would also appear in their chatbox. The NPC would not appear until the player was not busy (for example, if they were in a boss fight or in combat).
7. A window would then open and the player will have the option to accept the gift to their bank or inventory, ask the NPC to hold onto it to be claimed later, or refuse the gift (which would have an "are you sure?" window following it).

You would have the option to withdraw your gift at any time before it is sent, and if the player you gave it to did not open it for a certain period of time after they were due to receive it, it would be given back to you.

- Perhaps you could also attach a card with a personal written message?
- I like the idea of the NPC being Postie Pete.
- If not a permanent addition to the game, it'd be a great idea for a Christmas event.
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