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I like that the developer team has the time to still produce fun holiday events, but I would love to see some of this fun development time spent on effort that will have a bit more long-lasting impact.

How does RuneScape team achieve this?
Holiday Skin on existing minigames!

Each festive season, Jagex gives the bosses their santa hat, and adds some snow around the world of Gielinor. Why not apply some of this love to the Minigames

During holidays, add xp boosters as bonus rewards for some of long forgotten minigames.

-Soul Wars
-Sacred Clay
-Fist of Guthix
-Castle Wars

The list goes on!

At the end of each game, win or loss, the participant should be granted bonus item token(s) relevant to the holiday. These should be similar to tools, or other scraps that are often added to the storage pouch. They can be handed in throughout each holiday.

This would remind players of the fun involved with these minigames, and also allow for them to get some extra TLC from the Ninja and holiday events teams.

23-Nov-2018 11:12:43

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Not sure how possible this is but if there's any opportunity of increasing the chances of finally finishing those bloody Ardounge hard tasks (castle wars) then I'm all for this. Plus it could potentially revive minigames and even if it doesn't it at least that would provide something that actually is engaging and not check your screen every couple minutes so you don't get lobbied for being AFK "engaging" like all these recent events seem to be.

23-Nov-2018 11:20:45

Yusou Bhoroi
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Yes - very much agree, and support this idea!

Too many of the events take up the time that people could have been spending on Minigames, and with all the events running practically back-to-back, these days (usually any gap time is taken up with catching up on other stuff you missed out during the events), most people just simply don't have the time to play Minigames.

If they based Holiday Events at least partially in a Minigame (using different ones, each time), then it would help bring people to the content, and let them have fun there.

The added advantage of this, is that you can make the Event rewards be based around participation goals, rather than the way rewards are currently given out at Minigames, so it would actually encourage people to give it a go, rather than just afk in them - that way it would actually be possible for people to enjoy the content.

This also means that if a Minigame could do with a boost, but 1 update slot isn't enough to make the changes needed, you can spend 1 update slot + a large portion of the event development slot, which may make things a lot more possible (and you can tie some temporary MTX to it, like you have with most events, which would help fund the time spent).

A lot of the game concepts of Minigames have already proven to be good game design, and fun when played, so gearing the event (and any tweaks/updates to the content) around play, and rewarding play, would mean you've got reasonably fun event content for folks to enjoy.

Even just a minor focus, without changes, would be pretty good, for most Minigames, though the opportunity should really be taken to fix some of the fundamental issues (reward not being linked to participation, and there not being enough reward), so that it has a chance of having a longer-term positive impact.

23-Nov-2018 20:41:41

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