Player owned Cities

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Wolfe Kaze
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Wolfe Kaze

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This be like player owned houses really but you can build your own cities starting from small town slowly working your way up.You can choose your cities gods when you start it and this also will shape your city will look like.Your city also will make its own gold but meanwhile have keep repairs and stuff.It will have invading monster from the other gods and general where you need to def if don't do it your town or city we be in ruin and have to rebuild it all over again but you will get a message saying your city is under attack but what god faction is doing it.You can train soldiers and city guards.This will make con alive again this also give player something else to do and it can be f2p and p2p it also will be based on player con level and also make con go to 120.But also your town or city be safe when you are offline so no worries about being invaded by monster.While you do make gold from your city and can take it all out but gives the player a warning if you withdraw this much your city will fall apart in some many days.As the days past NPC will slowly leave your city until you restore the money back into it make it work

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