Skill Garden construction room

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Gemma Lyn
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Gemma Lyn

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While we're all waiting on some update to make construction more interesting, I feel this new room would help make construction a tad more useful and provide some new bragging rights.

The Skill Garden
The Skill Garden would be a new outdoors "room" for the PoH. It contains new objects to show off skilling achievements. The Skill Garden would require Construction 80 to create, making it the highest level room.

The path would be the simplest object, acting simply as decoration. There would be 4 types of paths: Sandstone (lvl 80), Limestone (lvl 85), Granite (lvl 90), and Marble (lvl 95).

The fence object could be used to show completion of a combat skill.
- Garden fence: a standard metal fencing
- Blade Fence: a fence made of swords (Attack 99)
- Boulder Wall: a wall of hard-to-move rocks (Strength 99)
- Target Fence: A wooden fence covered in archery targets (Ranged 99)
- Runic Ward: A magical protective ward (Magic 99)
- Fortress Wall: A strong, well constituted brick wall (Constitution 99)

The centerpiece would be the central bragging right exhibit
- Grand Fountain: A giant, gilded, marble fountain (Construction 99)
- Bonfire: A wooden inferno (Firemaking 99)
- Mechanical Wonder: A giant mechanism that probably does something (Invention 120)
- Daemonheim Doors: A Dungeon Entrance to underground rooms (Dungeoneering 120)
- 10-Tier Cake: It looks edible, but it's been sitting out in the sun (Cooking 99)
- Fountain of Wealth: This fountain is flowing with gold pieces (Costs max cash stack)


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Gemma Lyn
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Gemma Lyn

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Training Station
Training stations allow players to train a skill in their PoH. Only one training station is available per Skill Garden.
- Anvil and Forge: Allows training of smithing. Bars cannot be smelted here. (Smithing 80)
- Anvil and Luminite Forge: The forge reheats items 10% faster. (Smithing 92)
- Herb/bush patch: Players have an extra patch to train farming (Farming 80)
- Advanced Workbench: Players can train crafting and invention here. Acts as a portable crafter, saving resources (Invention 80)
- Herbal Wellspring: Acts as a portable well, saving resources. (Herblore 80)
- Charged summoning obelisk: Used to create spirit puches (Summoning 80)
- Fletching Table: Acts as a portable fletcher, saving resources

Display Locations
Display locations allow players to show off their mastery of various skills.
- Pile of magic/elder logs: an aesthetically stacked pile of lumber (Woodcutting 80/99 respectively)
- Mineral/Geode Pile: a pile of mining rubble rich in gemstones (Mining 80/99 respectively)
- God Statue: a statue to appease a god (requires a god chisel to create for each god statue)
- Runesphere: a changing runesphere similar to that in the runespan (Runecrafting 99)
- Elder/Incandescent Wisp: an animated wisp (Divination 80/99 respectively)
- Golden Multicannon: a gold-coated dwarven device, deactivated (unlock Gold multicannon in artisans guild)
- Agility Sculpture: it looks like it shouldn't be standing (Agility 99, requires Ag pyramid top, grapple, and planks)
- Caged Chinchompa/Jadinko: exactly what it sounds like (Hunter 80/99 respectively)
- Safe Collection: a pile of unlocked safes you... borrowed (Thieving 99)
- Coy Pond: Some fish that keep swimming in circles (Fishing 99)
- Onyx Dragon "Sculpture": It's definitely just a statue (Slayer 99)
- Imperial Ahk Statue: A statue of a corrupt Manaphite soldier (Slayer 120)

Suggestions, comments, and criticisms are welcome!

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I don't really like the training stations as they devalue the real things (which are rather cheap already).
The rest sounds good though.
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