actively banning scammers

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35wickedfox said:
make a place for videos to be submitted of scammers caught in the act

This already exists: report the player, a history of this account (last minute or something) is then sent along with it. Videos can be tampered with.
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

07-Dec-2018 11:27:01

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The best thing to do is report them in game at the time, as your report will capture most of the evidence required to take action, and it can't be altered like videos can

If you were unable to report them at the time, you can email
, but screenshots and videos cannot be used as evidence with this method

07-Dec-2018 19:31:23



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You people have wayyyy too much faith in the report system. I've made a thread suggesting updates to the rules 2 years ago specifically because the report system didn't do anything to any of the serious scam-threat players I've noted for years.

I've seen active scammers profit massively, 5m at a time per scam, and not get banned after me and friends, as well as player mods have actively reported for years. And I still saw one of them the last time I logged in.

I can understand if I personally didn't have any impact with my reports, supposedly there's a large quantity that need review. But the pmods whom supposedly ALWAYS get reviewed, who I've seen report the same players dozens of times? Not one of them did anything. Those players are still actively scamming.

So forgive me if I think any trust in the report system is a joke.
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Update the rules, Trade Lock Scammers

07-Dec-2018 22:48:28

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