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Azaka Mahea said:
+1 Support for some lodestones.

IMO Taverly, Lumby, Varrock, Ardougne, and Falador are fine as they are clearly major cities. Maybe Al Kharid too, but it's close to Lumby. Catherby could also be fine as a port city. Tirannwn is hard to get to, so it might be fine as is.

Menaphos, Lunar, and Priff (and Bandit Camp) are fine, as they can only be accessed during and/or after a quest.

Ones that should definitely have a quest are Eagles Peak, Edgeville, Ooglog, and Relleka.

I'd like to see a small task, miniquest, or construction space for Port Sarim, Yanille, Burthorpe, Draynor, Seers, Karamja, Wildy Volcano, and MAYBE Al Kharid, Catherby, and Tirannwn.

Ashdale can go die in a hole if Jagex isn't gonna do anything else with it.
This is perfect.

However, it's pretty abnormal to lock something that was previously available to everyone behind other content that also already existed. It's never going to happen.
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