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Hi guys,

I know that people like to play semi-afk a lot of the time to train and Jagex have acknowledged this and developed mechanics (like the new mining/smithing rework) that help facilitate this style of gameplay without detracting from a more active play-style. I am one of those players that thoroughly enjoys doing everything from scratch and likes to make use of the game as a whole even when I don't get much value out of doing some activities at a given level anymore.

At the moment it seems hunter is mostly a matter of trapping at your feet and clicking only to rebuild traps. Furthermore, we are encouraged to hunt only one form of prey at a time to maximise efficiency. I would love to see more prey scattered thinly across all of Gielinor so that you could search for different prey as you travel the continent. Perhaps instead of clicking speedily to catch 5 critters at a time, the catch rate could be slower to encourage trapping an area and coming back to check it while you leave in search for new prey?

I'm don't want to detract from the experience of those who like to hunt the way it is currently but perhaps if Jagex could find a way in which people like me can further enjoy the hunt I believe this skill would be even better. I do currently hunt different things simultaneously in different areas although there are few areas where I can do this and the experience is often incredibly lower than the meta prey for my level.

23-Feb-2019 14:32:12

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Noob hunter: scrounges through snow to find some weird rodent hiding in a snowbank

Intermediate hunter: pokes tigers until they get angry enough to chase them and fall into a pit

Experienced hunter: puts boxes on the ground, sometimes with a piece of bait, and waits for a poor unsuspecting hedgehog to walk into it

Master hunter: catches shiny turtles with bear traps

Whoever planned this skill has really weird concepts of what it means to be good at hunting.

I definitely wish that the game I am addicted to was more immersive. If I could push a button to un-addict myself to this game, I would do it. It's so disappointing on so many levels.

It has potential as a concept, as would nearly any medieval fantasy sandbox adventure game, but it falls short again and again and again...

24-Feb-2019 01:05:08

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