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Krystelle said:
In Ranged:

Derpy Duck and I had a conversation in game about Music + Ranged. We thought about upgrading the T80 Attuned Crystal Bow to T85 Elegy Crystal Bow. It would shoot sound waves instead of arrows or its own ammo. We got the idea from the "musical bow," a type of musical instruments in Africa.

Music could be a weapon in itself, opera singers can shatter a wine glass by singing certain notes. Everything has natural resonance frequencies, with the right Music level you could sing the notes to shatter a target's armour or weapon or whatever. Already there are Warped Tortoises and so training the Music skill could be another way to shatter their shells.

Music is also has a therapeutic quality, so you could sing a lovely melody and perhaps heal people or enhance their skills or give an adrenaline rush or something.

Anyway, great idea for a skill & cool capes!!

Support! :D
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