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Konota said:

1) No, training spots only get more crowded. Why do you think the new dungeon is here?
2) No, I wishfully to do Telos, AoD, Nex, ... in peace, not with a laggy world.
3) No, There are some people (which I disagree with), that do not like crowded places (see complaints for pets, portables, particles, ...)
4) No, a lot of worlds have activities in them, W54 being sandcasino, W2 trading, Pengs, etc. With less worlds, these may have to adapt or be removed.
5) No, means that a few home worlds have to go for people, idr if you remember, but that didn't turn out to be great on the forum, nor Reddit.
6), ...

Have more points, but tbh, this is already enough to say no support.

pretty much all of this.

so many times this has been posted so many times these have been said.
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