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Captain HT
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Captain HT

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Hello i have never posted on a forum before so bare with me or if this is already a thing please let me know

id like to suggest a clan / guild based task assignment system like an adventure's guild like you see in a lot of manga where people can put up task for completion for a reward from the guild.

at the same time i would like it if there was a guild shared bank system for higher ups that we can use to store stuff for the rewards for the tasks asked of our clan members.

it would be good if the higher ups in the clan could decide weather the task was valid or not.

i would not have any idea how to implement it or balancing but just a bit more an interest and role play aspect for some people to do things for the clan.

i would like it if there wasn't many external rewards just things that people offer whether it be to help them obtain leather for a slightly less of a cost or for caping at the citadel for example if someone wishes to do it they can or it could be ignored.

i'm not suggesting adding extra rewards just more player interactions it feels like this game for me is to solo at the moment for the people that enjoy the aspect of interacting with others
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07-Dec-2018 07:12:51

Yusou Bhoroi
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Yusou Bhoroi

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It would certainly be nice to have such functionality, especially for things like tournaments, so that they can be seen to be genuine rewards, and fair hand-outs. It would also be useful outside the Clan system, as you don't always wish to restrict it to a Clan.

08-Dec-2018 03:06:21

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