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lol a derp
Apr Member 2018

lol a derp

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So I was just doing agility minding my own business when I thought of this genius idea.
I know there's a necklace that when worn stops you from getting caught while pickpocket for 10 charges. Why not a new pair of boots made using the warding skill that weigh 0kg and have 10 charges, these charges will go down when you would of failed an obstacle in agility, after 10 fails they are destroyed. These wouldn't work in the Brimhaven agility course though obviously. Please make this possible!

22-Nov-2018 22:39:33

Lucd Clarity
Dec Member 2018

Lucd Clarity

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Doesn't seem very useful...But than again I'm [[/s]almost[/s]90 agility, and training as I type this, so if they're low-level... Vote YES to Warding!
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