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Mgt Plz

Mgt Plz

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A speak animation would be awesome, maybe even some facial expressions and hand movements while you're standing there.
I think this could be done with an emote? - Maybe a buzzkill for the idea - Just turn around to face each other and click "Speech" or "Talk" emote?
And it would be the character's face like it does in the dialogue box during quests?

My only negative:
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07-May-2017 10:55:37

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15-May-2017 13:44:22



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I was thinking exactly what Foxxie said, shift-click to turn on the spot is perfect.
If it was added as a right click option I'd want it to be an Opt-in right click option for people who aren't interested in it.
Otherwise, support :p
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04-Aug-2017 20:52:59

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To be honest. This is just a symptom of a much larger problem.
The problem isn't that we can't face our friends, the problem is we have very limited control over our characters movements.

So no support.
This would be an 'ugly' solution that barely addresses the real problem.
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18-Sep-2017 05:47:23

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