Protean Gear and Synthetics

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So, here's kind of an off-the-cuff suggestion: Protean Gear.

You can only create it by using real Protean (we'll get to that distinction in a moment), and a full set of it (Robes + Wand and Book, Armor + Shield, however you wish) confers a flat 10% XP boost to certain skills when worn.

However, in exchange for such a strong boost, the gear will degrade at a rate comparable to higher-tier armors, and it can only be repaired by using Protean...with one exception.

Alongside this, I would suggest adding a high-tier Invention known as "Synthetic Protean", which could be used in place of actual protean for the purposes of repairing the gear.

This would add a use to protean outside of just standing in one place skilling with it, and would give people an incentive to either acquire protean, or work on invention.

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