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I love the Great Orb Project. When the Great Orb Project died a death of no one wanting to play I was heartbroken-- and sorta temporarily quit Runescape for years because without quests it was the thing keeping me in. The other useful thing about the Great Orb Project is that it provided a convenient way to get to the altars and runecraft.

The problem is that no one plays it now, making the Runecrafting Guild effectively an utterly useless pretty place. (and for being so useless, it's gorgeous! >_>;)

All of the other guilds have some kind of convenience or advantage about them in terms of the skill they have.

I propose that even if only a single player, the Great Orb Project be allowed to play as a single player or at least to be able to teleport to the runecrafting altars using it. Right now although I love the atmosphere of the Runecrafting Guild, it's a useless guild area that has no resources or good things about it besides trading in old tokens from the past. I also really liked being able to make the currency to buy altar teleports-- right now I have no way of doing that >_>.

I beg you to make a single player version of the Great Orb Project. It was so much fun. Or an LFG system (but single player preferred, there is never anyone there when I go.) Who knows, maybe

tl;dr: Please make a single player version of Great Orb Project or alternatively allow a single player to access the altars from the Runecrafting Guild! Runecrafting Guild is currently a useless pretty place! It's such a fun game, but it's so unpopular that those of us who are fans can't find other fellow players to play with! I'd prefer it to be free to play in the spirit of the original, so can enjoy it when not actively playing the rest of Runescape or just for downtime when not in a questing mood.

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blue jewel 9
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The reason why I think it should be for FTP is because in my case, while now I can actually get membership for Quests, the Great Orb Project is usually something I would go back to when I decided 'I am not playing Runescape' and when I visit games for things like that keeping me in I tend to notice 'oh there is a new update', 'oh, cool, maybe I'm in a questing mood now' so I'm sure that would be the case for other players. The only reason I'm playing this again is because my friend dragged me in, and she tried to drag me in several times unsuccessfully *because* the great orb project was gone.

But in essence the fact that the Runecrafting Guild does virtually nothing except has a merchant for the past feels kind of problematic. Also it's totally one of my favorite places in the game coz it's GORGEOUS and yet there is never any reason to visit it. (I do feel sad that the armor that I saved up for does nothing now as a returning player, but that isn't really so much of an issue for me as that I wanted to play GOP and I can't, and the teleports are super useful, but I feel the pressure of currency I have no way of feasibly getting back to not use them :|. I love those teleports! )

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blue jewel 9 said:
oh dear I guess I'm in the wrong subforum how do i delete this mods? I'm really sorry, I kept thinking game suggestions was the appropriate place

You are suggesting something, so I think it's in the perfect place.

Pretty much every Minigame is dead, not just your beloved Great Orb. Nobody seems to care anymore about Minigames.
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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Similar suggestion as this thread.
Do not clutter Gielinor

Expand the map instead

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