Ricohet v Chain

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It is puzzling why the ricochet ability does not extend the same distance to other targets as the chain ability. It seems to give an unfair advantage to the mage style. Mage already has a lot of advantages including vuln, better aoe, and 4taa. It seems like the least that could be done is to make the ricochet ability on par with the chain ability.

17-Jan-2019 15:27:16

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I definitely prefer magic to ranged in almost every way.

The one thing the wiki article has to say about the advantage of Ricochet over Chain is that if your primary target misses the attack will still split and hit two more targets, whereas with Chain if you miss on the primary target it won't split.

Definitely seems minor and not as good as the additional 2 square split range. 2 squares is a lot.

17-Jan-2019 15:41:52

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