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Bit of edited copypasta from the other post I had to make about this...

Bunch of posts have been removed up to 6 pages back because publicly accusing another player of misconduct isn't for the forums. There is no evidence here to fully support one side or the other fully (even screenshots tend to only show one side) so such issues tend end up being endlessly spiralling, unconstructive flamefests which we don't want on the RSOF.

If you have an issue with a clan or fc, it is almost always best to try and resolve it in-game. It keeps recruitment threads and forum sections clean. If the problem has devolved to the extent where one or both parties has the other on ignore, or are otherwise unable to discuss in-game, it tends to be best to leave the drama behind and just move onto another clan or fc.

Once people cool down they tend to realise it's not worth the effort anyway. In the end it's up to the clan/fc owner to decide how to run his community - if they do it badly they're the ones losing out as players will eventually stop going there, especially when there are several other fcs offering the same service, as in this case.

~ End of copypasta

@Leo - in-game behaviour isn't within the realm of FMod judgement tbh. We can only base our actions and deal with what we see on the forums. As mentioned above, clan/fc leaders are also free to run their communities as they like unless it breaks game rules, which doesn't seem like the case here. In the end it's up to the players to judge whether they want to remain in the fc/clan or not based on their experiences in it. Posts that discourage players from trying out a fc or clan at all aren't an RSOF purpose that Jagex endorses.

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