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Feb Member 2019


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Amazing service! Got the tokens I needed in no time at all and was seriously impressed by the professionalism of the host. Not to mention this method was
far cheaper
than any other service available.

10/10 would recommend to anyone.

20-Feb-2019 15:25:15

Jan Member 2019


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Awesome service. Cost me 45m compared to the 500m+ the other services offered to finish getting my gold accumulator, not to mention it only took a day to do. Highly recommend the service.

Saddy505 for #1 meat shield.

22-Feb-2019 01:31:26

Dec Member 2018


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Great group. I ran with them 3 times. they are kind and want you to get the most out of every run that you can. the last time I ran with them I didn't even have to use any food. very pro about what they do. best part is they aint strict with you at all, in the fc or during the run. if u mess up some how or you run out of runes or what ever it may be its ok they dont care they laugh with you about it. I def highly recommend them to any body and will do so. I even advertise them in my clan discord.

100% thank you guys for helping me out!!!!

23-Feb-2019 13:11:23 - Last edited on 23-Feb-2019 13:16:53 by 1c3c01d0n3

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