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1) RSN: Nekomatsuri

2) Combat, Summoning and Herblore levels: all 99s comp cape

3) What combat gear do you currently own? All t90 power armor augmented, all achto armor, augmented t90 weapons

4) Which boss(es) are you interested in learning with TRS? Rots, i literally havent done rots in 1 year

5) What is your kill count of the above boss(es) if multiple please use multi lines.
294 nm vorago,
109 hardmode vorago,
336 bm,
418 yaka,
370 rots
, 180 nex
, 303 kalphite king
, 309 araxxor

6) What other bosses are you experienced at and what is your current kill count? Above

7) Would you be willing to teach any bosses you are experienced in? I suppose i could teach pt & bubt at bm, dps calling in hm vorago, nt, stun5, shark10, at yaka, and what to do as bomb tank in hard mode

If yes, please tell us which (if no please leave blank);

8) Have you read the FC rules? Yes

9) What is your timezone? Gmt-6

10) Are you willing to use TS (only listening is a requirement) yes

11) How did you hear about TRS? Were you referred? Zekir
I stepped in a barbeque pit now i have a mesquite toe

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