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King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Hello! I'm looking to practice PvM with TRS!

My application to the FC:

1.) RSN: Battle Beef

2.) 138/99/99 (I'm maxed and nearly comped)

3.) Virtually everything except T92's and seismics

Asc/drys/nox weaps
Max augmented T90 power armor

4.) Rago, Raids, ROTS

5.) 0 kc on all 3, "the reaper" title is one of my final comp requirements - I have yet to attempt either boss but want to go in prepared.

6.) GWD2, GWD, Kiln, QBD

~Loads of GWD1 kills, less than 100 kills on each GWD2 boss, 1 kiln completion (pre-Eoc)
Fairly easy bosses to learn compared to ROTS and Rago

7.) Gladly, I have a post-comp goal to become a elite PvMer and thus hope to be able to teach every boss in the game by the end of 2017. I enjoy PVM and want to become much much more knowledgeable at it.

8.) Are those the expectations of us and also of the FC? If so yes, if not could you please direct me to them? I have read the length of the first few pages of posts within this forum thread.

9.) EST

10.) Yes

11.) I found TRS myself in a forum search. I was looking for a friendly group of people to learn advanced bosses with and support each other in PVM goals and progress.

Thanks for considering my application! I hope to boss with you all soon!

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