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Yum Yum

Yum Yum

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Rank Application

• Player Name: Yummy Kins
• Role(s) Performed : dps/back up/minion tank
• Current Rank: N/A
• Desired Rank: smiley/recruit
• Who can host?: smiley+
• Previous Bossing Exp: all bosses
• Do you have (Sup) Elite Void: yes

List Tier 80+ Weapons
• Melee: noxious
• Ranged: noxious/ascensions
• Mage: noxious/seismic

List Tier 80+ Armour
• Melee: torva/malev
• Ranged: pernix/sirenic/working on tempest
• Mage: virtus/tectonic/primeval

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