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Welcome to my thread everyone!

It doesn't matter what you goal in dung is, but I'm the right person to help you reach that goal!

More information about me


200m Dungeoneering xp
GMT + 1

3 years of Experience in selling floors!

I love to help people, give information about dung and sell floors almost 24/7.
You are like a friend not just a customer!



Am I Offline?

Just leave a post of what you need/want and I willl help you ASAP.

What do I sell?

Normal floors (Large)
Hardmode floors (1-60)
C1 rushes (1-29/35)
Boss/smithable/slayer items

Leech Counter

This is a counter that tells you how many different leechers I've already helped.

Be as happy as these guys are

Duke Giblet said:
Very fast and a hassle free experience!
Jimmm is a real professional, helped me with all my questions and still managed to do the fastest floors I've ever experienced!
Thanks alot Jimmm!!

Kownie said:
Great service!
Quick response!
Great communication!

You guys should hire this guy!

Fashion show said:
Have done several sessions, great guy.

Really fast and reliable

Razool said:
Hadn't really done any Dungeoneering before so I thought I'd be a real nuisance but Jimmm was perfect with the service!
Very calm, very knowledgable, fast and easy!

5/5 10/10 110% would do it again

More information?
Pm me ingame or leave a comment!

Hope to see you in a dungeon soon!
Do not click here if you are lazy!

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Vouched, been dunging with him for a few days and the floors are cheap + fast!
We do not sow.

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17-Sep-2014 21:45:18

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18-Sep-2014 03:41:26

Oh Duck

Oh Duck

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very good at dung. good with communications. floors vary from 15-18 minutes.
cheap floors aba --- O --- and warps are only ---

No prices on forum

18-Sep-2014 13:51:04

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