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I've been a reasonably good PvMer for some time, but I always knew there were many holes in my game. For example, while I did pretty well for myself at solo bosses, the more mechanically intense group bosses I would tend to fall short at.

In order to improve in this area, I requested that Silverhawked teach me how to handle myself in the PvM situations that I was uncomfortable in. Not only did I learn much from this about the mechanics of the bosses that we discussed, but I also learned a variety of tricks, techniques, and skills that I could apply to any boss I did now and in the future (such as learning to efficiently 4TAA, learned strategies to increase dps through smarter ability selection and better positioning & cooperation in boss fights, and how to build a more efficient interface and keybind setup for PvM, among many many other tricks....)

Silverhawked has been very patient with me and has taught me a lot. Although I may not yet stand among the very best PvMers out there, I can now handle myself skillfully in nearly any role at any boss with few exceptions (have now personally defeated them all, including Solak) and am able to participate in highly skilled PvM teams without being afraid I'm going to hold them back.

You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime. Silverhawked has taught me how to fish.

If I feel I need further professional-caliber instruction in the future to maximize my pvm journey, this will be my #1 stop.

13-Jan-2019 08:24:08

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