247 Aod - Small Teams FC

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1) Display Name: Jaheem

2) Do you meet ALL gear/level/pots reqs?: , yes. (80Def though)All T99 Prayers/t92Weaps P4e2/A3-- Flank3 -no xbows though

3) Are you willing to follow the rules?: Yes

4) What is the secret application code?: 6

5) Any previous bossing experience?: Experienced in all bosses

6) Are you fully familiar and comfortable with the mechanics of AoD?: Yes

7) Timezone in which you actively play in?: PST

8) Will you be helping out by hosting teams within the FC?: Sure

9) What roles are you confident with at AoD?All but base ..never tried it before

10) Will you be willing to join our discord server?: Already in it.

11) Is your AoD KC >200?: 329(some what experienced lol)


Boss KC qc-
80 Defence and Strong;)

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