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-A small scroll would be dropped off by a large black bird bearing a seal with the emblem of Zamorak on it and addressed to the king. It would read:-

"Dear King Xerxes, ruler of Kandarin

We realise we did not congratulate you on your succession to the throne, we wish to tell you that we shall be congratulating you in person. We, the Zamorakian council, will be sending a diplomatic party to meet you and discuss the future relationship between us and your kingdom. Councillor Jai-Leng and Lord Cortanis Dartmoor shall be leading the talks, as we are aware you have met with both of them at informal gatherings. We hope these discussions will help you to understand just how valuable having the council on your side is, and how it is in the best interests of your safety and your kingdom. Our diplomatic party shall be arriving in the next few days and we hope you shall greet them with the proper respect. We hope nothing bad happens to your kingdom in the coming days and are looking forward to discussing our future relationship with you.

With Regards

The Zamorakian Council

Signed: High Secretary Doris Highbridge

-Any objections the King would have did not matter, for the 'party' was already on it's way to Ardougne. The diplomatic party would consist of a small but fearsome looking group of elite troops from various Zamorakian factions such as the Kinshra, and would draw the uneasy stare of various travellers and villagefolk as they passed through the realm. Word would likely reach the ears of the king of the group, and the council would hate to hear anything impeded their diplomatic party's efforts to take part in formal negotiations with the king.-


Yeah, were coming over to you to take part in talks to discuss our relationship, hopefully we can work out a time and date for the meeting.

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