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Sand Traven said:
Those events look fun. I assume you're not talking about former Kinshra commander Octavian Vire, played by Red Lenses? He wasn't really overthrown so much as undermined; the Sicarius (during their early days) killed pretty much all the Kinshra under his command and it all sort of fell apart after that. Fittingly though, Octavian had overthrown the previous Kinshra commander plunging the whole order into a delightful civil war; the kind we have every couple of years or so.

I, for one, would most certainly create a cult in his name.

The Octavian mentioned (Which I swear is the 3rd or 4th member of the Kinshra with that name) was leader of the Kinshra between the recent Ardougne Invasion and about 1 - 2 months ago. Though I do believe he is named after the Octavian to which you refer.

In other news, the event planned sounds good and Samael will hopefully join in with it (Provided it's not on a sunday).
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