The Kinshra: Pact of Dragons

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Voden Myshi

Voden Myshi

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*When I get told there's a rebellion on the forums*

*When it's just you guys doing something I knew about*

Profiled, Heil Kinshra boyo
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In unison,
, and
The Echo
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Neon Knights

Neon Knights

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Day: Friday or Saturday

Time: 7 P.M. eastern time (In game time reset of day.)

Where: Outside of Kinshra fortress

Why: Secret

Type of rp: Walking around possible fighting.

"Dragons need a home also"
Achilleus the Void Knight

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Dragon masks?

An order with rank based on dragon masks? This is going to make things confusing.

The Order Of The Draconic Visage will be keeping a close eye on you.
A VERY close eye.
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IC Happenings:

Brose, sent by Shone, investigated a cave to use for a Base of Operations. Once there, a Zarosian Fanatic was discovered. After a failed attempt to trick the fanatic, the fanatic tried to kill Brose. Brose shortly managed to kill the fanatic with its own spell. Brose merely suffered a wound to his stomach. A quick search revealed that the fanatic was not concealing anythign under his robes. After further investigation, the cave seemed suitable for an hq. Brose managed to find a small book of spells in a chest in the cave, and then left to report back to Shone. The End.

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