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This needs to be continued.

I'm fine with most days if any of you wanted to organise a date for the next rp.
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Nothing interesting happened.

11-Apr-2016 18:35:47

Neon Knights

Neon Knights

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~Journal Entry~

A lot has happened, firstly me and Brose broke into Samaels office and stole the information required passing it off to our contact Secondly and more importantly I had the pleasure of meeting Zarco...Did not go well he knows it all and I can simply hope he does not make Samael aware of it, if he does I am screwed. I don't believe he will tell him however, I think me and Lord Zarco share the common thought that someone else would be much better in the place of Samael. Never the less I must respect Zarco, he plans to use me...But will I be the one really used?

After all of this I can only say two things, let the chaos flow...

And praise
Octavian Vire
True high king of Skyrim!
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Neon Knights

Neon Knights

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Upcoming Event

"The endgame"

Time: Sometime this weekend maybe. (Still in planning, Jake I need to speak to you on the time)

Description: Tensions are high as Shone takes more and more risks in his "game". Giving possible ground breaking information to his contact only time will tell if the information will be enough to bring Samael down...

"Chaos reigns my few brothers, we have shown that in our loyalty to Zamorak. We are real loyalists unlike the dog Samael, this has all been one carefully planned game my brothers... If we die and fail just know we did it for chaos, Zamorak, and Octavian!"

People needed:
Voden Myshi (We need you bb)
MageJake50 (Much obvious very wow)
Guy Treviel (I love doing this)
Xiph (Better known as "Nervous yet loyal to Shone";)
(More people are needed probably, need to check with Jake)

People reccomended:
Gunny60 (I miss you bb)
Achilleus the Void Knight

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Neon Knights

Neon Knights

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~Journal Entry of Shone~

Once again I find myself lost in the fact of where to begin. The rush of pushing once an ally off to likely death, me and Zarco's enjoyable talk and my own thoughts. I suppose it is only right to start with so I shall begin simply in order. Brose sent a note to me saying to meet on the roof, assuming he wanted to talk about the pact I decided it would be the perfect chance to break the news to him. He tried to ex communicate himself from the order without asking me, trying to go against me, trying to go against a dragon flight. He slashed at my neck trying to go for an easy quick kill, I locked his sword with my defender. He went for a shield bash I quickly backed off to the edge, that is where he made the worst mistake of his life. He charged clumsily at me and I easily dodged it then taking my chance threw him off the roof to hear the pleasure of his screams and wails which suddenly stopped as he went splat. Chaos has been done, not his "good" kind nor what he considers bad simply chaos the most primal yet pleasurable of all senses. I sat then on a nearby crate awaiting for people to come up to arrest me.

Sure enough an elite knight arrived with a squire (who was there for some of the fight, to be blunt ratted me out though I was going to be truthful no matter what.) and a knight. I told him my reasoning and after a long pause he told me I was under arrest. I saw that the knight saw my reasoning, hell if it wasn't his knightly duty he may of let me off. They just did their job, and I can't blame a loyal knight for following commands.

This is where things get interesting, about a day later Zarco came down sitting in a wonderfully padded chair. (To be cont.)
Achilleus the Void Knight

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Neon Knights

Neon Knights

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(Journal entry cont.)

I and Zarco had an...oddly enjoyable talk. No fireballs close to my face this time. He asked me multiple question on the why, how, my conclusion on the Zamorakian faith. He told me I acted so much like a philosipher...A prophet even someone who could actually change peoples views on the Zamorakian faith. I told him of how I believe all of us have chaos, not good or bad chaos simply chaos. And that things only happen because chaos wills them to happen for the long term goal of order through this chaos. I had confidence in my beliefs but this...this helps my resolve even more. Should I perhaps teach others my philosiphy and faith? That I need to think through very carefully... He left me with the statement of "You are so guile for a squire. So impotent."

This has helped my hopes greatly, if Zamorak and chaos wills it may I make it through this with chaos forever in my heart.

Praise Octavian
Praise Chaos
Praise Kinshra
Praise Zamorak
Achilleus the Void Knight

09-May-2016 13:36:03

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