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-A small scroll would arrive, taken by a large black bird and dropped off at the front gates of the castle, the bird would stay to make sure the parchment was taken into the castle before flying off again. The scroll would be addressed to the king and bear a seal with the symbol of Zamorak adorned on it. It read.-

"Dear King Nolfinwë, Ruler of Camelot

We have been watching the conflict with intrigue, we share a common enemy. We have come to inform you that the council has made a decision and decided to support you in your conflict against the battalion. We had dealings with the previous ruler and we agree it would be in both parties favours for those dealings to continue. This is a declaration that no major zamorakian faction will launch an assault on your lands or people, provided you don't antagonize us. We hope you realise the value such a relationship offers and would ask you to send any replies to Baron Samael Armons of the Kinshra. We will be hoping to send an envoy soon to formalise the relationship as well as negotiate the terms of friendship. We hope to learn that you are willing to receive such an important gift as the councils support, for it is in your kingdoms best interests. We hope all goes well for you in the war, we will be keeping a close eye on things.

With regards

The Zamorakian Council

signed: High Secretary Doris Highbridge
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