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Finally, been waiting for Slayer RP for a while. Gonna use this chance to apply 2 of my characters. I'd also like to add the book 'Slaying for Newbs' by Ruthven Galand (and others) which is a collection of Slaying Tips provided by numerous Slayers and Warriors (If anyone wants their character to provide an article for the book they're more than welcome and can be found on the RSRP Wiki.

In other news, looking forward to this.

Name: Ruthven Galand

Age: 37

Race: Human

Appearance: Roughly 5, 8 tall. Long brown hair, usually wears brown or dark red clothes accompanied by a set of Hard leather armour. Usually wears a fancy looking cloak as well, changing every 1 or 2 weeks. Green Eyes.

Country of origin: Varrock, Misthalin

Preferred combat method: Melee.

Experience: About 30 years experience. He is also the driving force behind the best book on Slaying ever made, or so he claims, 'Slaying for Newbs' (Available on the RSRP Wiki).

Preferred position: Slayer Master

Magejake50 / Ruthven Galand/ Slayer Master / 3


Name: Charron Armen

Age: 49

Race: Human

Appearance: Old looking, quite well built for a mage, beard, grey hair.

Country of origin: Ardougne, Kandarin

Preferred combat method: Magic

Experience: About 25 years.

Preferred position: Experienced Slayer

Magejake50 / Charron Armen / Slayer / 3
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