Hero Academy Re-Birth?

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CReD x GRaVe
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CReD x GRaVe

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Hey, guys. Cred here for anyone who may remember me. I have been speaking with a few role-players who have expressed interest in possibly re-birthing the Academy of Heroes created by the one and only Eshebi Kash. I have a few people lined up with interest and some development already underway, but I didn’t want to jump into anything without engaging the community. Let me know if you'd be interested in a new home for what will be memorable, remarkable adventures!



19-Oct-2017 02:10:12

Deus Khaine

Deus Khaine

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I remember spending lots of time chilling with this rp group on and off, and I will gladly facilitate its return.

Largely because I remember there was combat training up the wazoo, and I've sucked at combat rp since my series of long breaks.

19-Oct-2017 21:05:37



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I would love to see it back and run by either you or Eshe. Missed you both dearly. <3
''At the end of the day, when you're stripped of everything, all you have is how you dealt with people. Everything else is, ultimately, rubbish.''

23-Oct-2017 17:57:57

Bruce Willis
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Bruce Willis

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WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?! ¸¤·.¸.·¤´˜¨Live and let Die¨˜´¤·.¸.·¤¸

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05-Feb-2018 08:50:44

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