On the Freedom of Belief

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Am RolePlay

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Tommen had heard of a writing posted on the doors of Lumbridge Church. He threw on his travel clothes, nothing too fancy or extravagant; in days past, it had helped him navigate through Falador without being noticed, but the folk around here new him far too well for any of that.

He read the parchment over in length before returning to the Keep to gather his thoughts. A squire stood in the room, bored, listening to him speak. Nothing was published, though he did support portions of the text.

"No man is appointed by the Gods to rule anything," He stated as he polished his mithril-pauldrons that would prove useful in the days to come. "A man should be appointed by his people and rule for the people -- if a man believes himself appointed by the Gods, his people are of right to rebel and remove the cancerous heretic from power."

He placed the paul*ron to the side and took hold of his blade, sharpening with a whet stone. "Thinking on my service in Asgarnia to Varis the Third, the Church of Saradomin became too powerful and executed authorities far outside of it's jurisdiction -- indeed, many folk believed it to be an evil entity, and atleast -- in secret -- Varis did intend to remove it, but all too late. I like what this man says, about the church being a community, it makes sense: if you're going to practice, feel free to do so without being prosecuted by the hierarchy of that church."

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Modern, real-world politics has found its way into Runescape Roleplay, I see. That's lore friendly.


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