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2 years ago I created a roflkinshra character, who I'd created so he'd die in a bandit raid rp. However in said rp he survived.

He was then part of a RP where he was kidnapped by a group of white knights, he was planned to be tortured then executed. He got punched once, and due to some ooc argument which went ic he managed to escape.

After a year I was determined to get him killed so I took him into the rising sun and made him assault some tough looking white knight, got into a fight, left a huge opening for him to kill me in, he teleported.

I tried again twice more but still nothing.

Then I tried the Hair of the dog in canifis, it must'** been vampyre peace day because still nothing.

After one final try, I brought him to a bird and the beast rp. There were '4' Kinshra and about '10' white knight/armadyllean soldiers. Somehow the Kinshra won without any casualties. I think the biggest injury was someone lost an eye. How this happened I'll never know. I didn't even carry a shield in the hope someone would kill him.

He is now my 2nd character to go to for any Kinshra RP, his name is BALLen, the name comes from the fact the knight he knocked out during the event didn't want his character to die, so I said. -Decides to kick the unconscious knight in the BALLs repeatedly, likely making them sore for days-.

He now has a backstory, a look, a brother (Who actually managed to get killed in a WOTD roleplay) and I still roleplay him today.

Also this thread is still going on, I can't believe it.
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Nothing interesting happened.

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