Are you kidding me...?

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Whelp, I'll help with the revival.

Recently an opponent tried to unsheathe their blade in front of me. As in, from less than four feet away.

Yeah. Yeah. It went up their butt a several moments later.
ôCivilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.ö

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I was dueling someone one day and they used the Stronghold of Security shield emote and then said that 'God' shielded them.

Its been like six years since that but it's still engraved in my memory and I had to share it with you guys.
I am going to break your arm so that the bone juts out and then I will stab you to death with your own insides. I will win this chess game, is what I am saying.

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I'm gonna are you kidding me myself here because 2014 me was cringe as fuck holy shit:

Naming a graffiti artist 'Nightshade' thinking it's cool and original, inventing spray paint ic, then using that to post anti-wk propaganda

using said character to run up a wall and do a backflip over a pursuant knight

here's to not being as stupidly cringey as 2014 was boys
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11-Jan-2018 07:54:16

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Someone OOCLY was insulted with my feedback towards their behavior and idea. They ended up hiring one of my clan member to assassinate me for my feedback, paid him 10m in real gold coins. Only for us to trick him.

He soon tried to make up excuses on ic into why he OOCLY hired an assassin towards me, which all ended up being backfired.

I once heard someone claimed their dad was a dragon. Their mom had slept with a dragon. Have fun with that image.
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25-Jan-2018 17:42:04

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In the middle of a climactic confrontation between a handful of battered Myreque and a vampyre who's been hunting them...only to have me walk on the wrong floor tile, and have the vampyre do a cartoon-style drop down a trapdoor. Completely killed the tension and had the whole crew giggling ooc'ly.

Never again roleplaying in Tarn's lair. Never again.
Thoughtcrime doesn't entail death. Thoughtcrime IS death.

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Well, I've had only one that I recall, so here goes;

So, once a group and I rped piling this one rper (it was like, 7 vs 1). Anyway the rper was only injured once after dodging a pile of attacks at him, and teleblocked to avoid escape. He then proceeded to teleport out after claiming that 3-5 action done against him (plus his own) was all 1 minute for the teleblock to be undone.

For short, some of us calculated (I replayed the actions irl and timed myself), the action we all did would have been 6-12 second, this is including the distance they took to be away from us. The rper just teleported without listening to reason, so we assumed his death.

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