The philosphers stone opening!

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Ic- Karl would ring a cloth into the sink; he'd walk up to the bar and check for any spots he may have missed when he was cleaning earlier; out of the corner of his eye he'd spot a teeny bit of grime "I'VE GOT YOU NOW FIEND". Karl would slam the cloth on the grime, rubbing hard on the bar, he'd slowly lift it up and cheer victoriously. "THE DAY IS WON, NO FILTH SHALL POLLUTE THE TAVERN THIS DAY".
Meanwhile, Cid would walk out of the bar, he'd rest a ladder against the wall, climbing up and finishing off the paintwork on the sign, gentle strokes decorating the wood with vibrant colour.
Karl would walk outside and whistle to Cid to catch his attention. "my my that is some fine work Cid! You've done it again!"
Cid would turn his head to smile at Karl, he'd climb down the ladder and place his paint buckets and brush down, brushing his hands and exhaling, looking up at the tavern. "yeah...if i do say so myself it's some of my best work...ah...our best work. Speaking of our, where's Matthew?"
Karl would be lost in thought, admiring the tavern with the biggest, childlike smile. Cid would snap his fingers in front of Karls face to get his attention. Karl would jump, nearly out of his skin, and with a stutter, would finally reply "oh uh Matthew? Right he's taken a caravan to Falador, looking for some merchants to buy supplies".
Cid would nod "ah well then, when he gets back it looks like we can officially open our new establishment."
They'd both look up at the Tavern once again, a mark of all their fine work, a book made of stone, an epilogue to a great story. The weather was good, and the sun shone bright upon the building, the colourful sign easy and clear to read "The Philosophers stone".

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OOC- Now this isn't the final thread, but this is more of an opening to announce the new tavern/guild I'm making, "The Philosophers stone".
What is the Philosphers stone?
The "philosophers stone" is a tavern, for adventurers, travellers, commonfolk, soldiers, wizards, etc etc etc whatever whoever you are, you're welcome in the tavern, race, faction, whatever, it doesn't matter, come come drinks all around. But the "Philosophers stone" is also an adventurers guild. What this means is it will not only serve as a normal tavern, but a hub for adventure based roleplay and its organisation icly, we take in requests (posted by both players and npcs) and post them on the philosphers stone billboard for people to take and complete for a money based reward. Apart from this, adventurers can meet and organise their own things, freestyle and planned rp.
The "philosophers stone" is primarily run by three characters, ex adventurers in retirement who built this tavern to fund adventurers further as well as provide a great tavern service to all, besides the billboard quest system, which serves as a way for people who need to get a task done, who may not be able to do it themselves or may not be able to do it in a good time.
Thats the ic basis and purpose of the Philosphers stone anyway. OOCly the philosphers stone is a tavern i've made that hopes to bring back freestyle roleplay in a healthy and plentiful form as well as evolve it.
Aaaand now you may post, if you want, if you have suggestions, feedback whatever, i'm not opening it yet because it'd be good for community feedback first, but also because...threadwork, it takes a while...bleurgh.

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For those from the US who don't understand, I have provided a translation for you.

Philosophers Stone = Sorcerers Stone

Happy to help.
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