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Just submitted my two cents.
Unfortunately, all my recordings were pretty bad :P
Tried high and low monkey voices, but just couldn't get them to sound exactly the way I wanted. Oh well.
Best of luck to y'all!
Bet the winner will be quite deserving... Can't wait for the new episode to come out.

16-Dec-2010 02:05:07

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Yeah, Jagex didn't write these lines, these are lines from the actual episode. Stop telling Jagex they made a grammar error, tell TehNoobShow because he's the one who wrote the script. Now shut up about it already. Read the lines as they are and just hope you get chosen.

16-Dec-2010 21:45:05

Dalb Ranqe

Dalb Ranqe

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Each file was to be maximum of 1MB (if i remember correctly). So it'd probably be best to send your four entries in different files, but in the same email. But hopefully they won't worry and check it out anyway!

Goodluck everyone,
go bananas with your entries! ;)


17-Dec-2010 11:49:56

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