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Machinima Support

Greetings all!

As of the 29th January we will have launched our 2nd Machinima Competition, this time with a theme! If you check out YouTube you'll find massive numbers of RuneScape machinima videos, many of which are really very good.

As probably comes as no surprise, we love Machinima here at Jagex. On our YouTube Channel we regularly get sent large numbers of player videos and we do our best to spotlight those that really catch our eye. So we thought that it would be really helpful for you, the makers of these videos, to have your own thread to help you develop your machinima videos.

Remember, you can send your videos as a message to our RuneScape YouTube Channel and we'll check them out and maybe even put them on our channel!

- Mod Crow -

What is RuneScape Machinima?

RuneScape Machinima videos are mini movies created using the RuneScape graphics engine. That means players act out their stories within the game and film the results. For some examples check out the spotlighted videos on the RuneScape Channel.

What can I do in this thread?

  • Seek machinima advice
  • Find actors or helpers for your videos
  • Chat about making machinima videos
  • Provide tips, guides and techniques
What cant I do in this thread?

  • Post video links
  • Ask others to visit your videos/channels
  • Discuss the work of others who are not in the thread
These rules may seem a little restrictive but don't worry, you can still let us know about your videos by messaging our RuneScape YouTube Channel

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Machinima Mentors

It's always useful to know who can help you in making your videos. For that reason we're recommending the Machinima Mentor system. If an experienced machinima maker would like to offer their services as a mentor on machinima making then we will put their name on this thread and make it easy for new starters to get in touch with them. This is of course completely voluntary and if added you are free to request to be taken down at any point.

The Machinima Mentors

Fudge G00d
Steph Zamms
Sunny Earth
Captain Tab
Kaath T Wolf
Super Bowser

Jek Nexus
Retired rs
cpt mittens

How do I apply to become a mentor?

Easy! Just send a message to the RuneScape YouTube Channel with the subject line 'Machinima mentor' and include a link to your channel or one of your videos. We will then check it out and if all seems fine we'll post your username on the thread as a recognised machinima mentor.

Please also include your RuneScape Username

How do I remove myself from the list?

Just get in contact with us, either via the RuneScape channel or post on this thread. As soon as we see your message we'll take down your details.

If I step down is there anyway of changing my mind?

Sure! Just apply again as before. Chances are we'll recognise you immediately but just in case it'll help if you send the request as a reminder.

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Great idea guys (and gals),
Just as a note might I suggest you also plan on having some support information for those of us using non-windows based systems (Linux, Macintosh, etc.) to create/edit our videos?
I've used Linux for making video presentations before and it can be amazingly powerful. It (and other Unix variants) has been used commercially to produce CGI effects in some notable big budget movies.
The fact that it is completely free also helps. =~D
If I can be of any help in this regard please let me know.
We must all learn to embrace our own inner newbishness

29-Jan-2010 12:23:31



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hi there!
I've never did a film and I would like to ask you which program I need to download to make a film thank you
"There's no mystery to what people want. The whole idea though is to serve it up to you in a way which is unique, different and better than you had ever have before". Steve Wynn.

29-Jan-2010 12:34:31

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