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Hi everyone,
In our opinion, the RuneScape community is easily the best MMO community in the world and we want to make sure we have the world’s best Community Management (CM) Team to give you the support you deserve.
With such a diverse community the CM team are constantly looking for the best ways to integrate every one of our players into one global community so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of being part of such a massive community. To achieve this we are going to make some significant changes, bigger than anything we have ever attempted before, to make sure that we are supporting the community in the best possible way.
This means that we will be more visible in-game and within the community, running events, competitions and listening to your views so that together we can make RuneScape even more enjoyable for everyone.
As part of this change we have made the decision to integrate some of the smaller regional communities into the English community so that they can enjoy all the benefits of being part of a bigger RuneScape community.
As the French, German/Brazilian and Portuguese communities are so well established, we will continue to support them as before, but we will wherever possible, offer those communities the chance to integrate with the full community so they can share the benefits of being part of the world’s largest free-to-play community.
Although the game is not translated into Dutch, the Dutch community is so large and well established, that we will also continue to offer Dutch language support as before, and even bring in a new Dutch speaking J Mod to help us to deliver the best possible experience for the Dutch community.
However, from July 18th we will be integrating all the other language communities into the main English language forums, and we will no longer provide localised support in those specific languages.
These communities are:
+ Spanish
+ Norwegian
+ Danish
+ Swedish
+ Polish
+ Finnish
We have, of course, communicated this to all those communities in their native language, and we are working with those communities on their home forums to answer any questions they may have.
In all cases, we have made this decision so that smaller/local communities can be united with the wider community; giving them the full benefits of playing with millions of others and allowing those communities to get the best possible RuneScape experience.
Thank you to everyone for your continued support and we can’t wait to share our new plans for Community Management over the coming months - watch this space!

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This seems more Organized! :D Like Aurum 1 said, this will make it way easier for the Localized J-Mods and take some pressure off them :).
But if you look at it from another way, it is kind of sad to see most forums go away. Those localized players would not like it :(
First normal player post :D :D

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Word of Wind

Word of Wind

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When i first time readed this on Finnish language forum, your language was so hard to read with that transfer. So i thought first that these forums are going to remove, so i panicked and made thread about it. I think i failed lol.

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