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George Sampson Visits Jagex

George Sampson came to visit the studio recently and in the latest video on our YouTube channel, you can see how he got on.
George Sampson may be amazing on his feet, having won “Britain’s Got Talent” and starred in “StreetDance2” but he’s also a long time RuneScape player with a passion for combat and tanks.
George visited us at the studio recently to have a go in MMG’s Tank (affectionately known as Bertha), check out the Evolution of Combat for himself and lend his moves to a new in game emote. Check out this vid to see how George got on.

Discuss his visit right here!

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That's pretty cool! :O I didn't even knew he played RuneScape!
Aha, prove RuneScape is so awesome that it attracts famous irl people! :D
Smurfy cheers!
Smurf. ^_^

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I've never heard of George Sampson but ahhhh, I was SO excited when I saw "The Wall of Awesomeness".
Some of my stuff is on there as well, I can spot a few, hehe. \:D/

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