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With the Evolution of Combat update we saw some truly impressive and creative entries. Fearsome warriors and vicious monsters flooded our inbox and brought panic into the Jagex office! If you’d like to be wowed and amazed as we were, head over to the Players’ Gallery section of the wiki, right here.

After many long discussions, we are happy to announce our winner: the incredible Berserker by Silniy Oryol! Two honourable mentions go to DaEliminator for the wicked illustration of the Dagannoth Kings, and to Apsitively’s Fire Breathing, which masterfully depicts one of the new combat abilities. Congratulations!

It is the time of the year when days become shorter and nights seem to have made a deal with the sun. This is the time of bundle-up fashion, hot chocolate and Christmas surprises - not to mention all-out snowball fights! Simply put, it's a time to be jolly.

For the next Players' Gallery, we'd like you talented artists to bring some colour, warmth and good festive cheer to the winter season to make these chilly days more enjoyable. It could be your character preparing for a perilous adventure to the Land of Snow, an NPC snowball fight, or a RuneScape Christmas feast, so grab your pencils, pens and brushes and let the celebration of winter begin!

Just for fun, I - Mod Phoenix - will join you for this festive foray into Christmas artistry!

We will be accepting entries for the Winter Season Players' Gallery until the end of this year (Monday, 31st December, 2012). So please, don’t hesitate - send your entries via e-mail to

We also have a DeviantArt group that you should definitely check out, so why not join us there too?

Mod Phoenix

RuneScape Community Team

Submission Guide/Rules

  • Email your pictures to
  • It’s got to be completely your own work – no knock-offs, please!
  • Make sure the files you send us are at least 1280 x 720 px – if they look pixellated or blurry, we won’t be able to display them.
  • All files need to be attached to an email and in any of the following formats: .jpg, .gif or .png. No links to downloads, please!
  • Include your account name with anything you submit to us so we can credit you appropriately.
  • Make sure your artwork isn't watermarked with website URLs or anything undesirable!

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"Cuz this isn't a topic of discussion. I bet there will be a few people saying "Wow, evolution of combat is GUYAAY" Like I haven't heard that before. So many forum trolls"

right here... eoc sucks get rid of it

pic aint bad

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