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There was way too much lagg on the first party w12, not enough room and too many pets. I couldn't even pop a balloon :P Also i couldn't even see the j mods,so i stood in the wrong place and missed the codes =/ For some reason it didn't seem fair.

I did attend the second party, which had less lagg and i did see the code given out but whoooaaa the code was too long,so by the time i looked there was so many people speaking i had to try and scroll up to find it. I did get to write down the code and try it..but again it was unclear if the code was case sensitive and if the dashes had to be put in. I didn't put the dashes in the code:(

Due to the amount of people it would have been nice if each code was valid for the first 10 people, not everyone is so quick due to slow computers etc.

Saying all of that ...the party was still fun!!! whhooooo i loved the fireworks & dancers and just being in the crowd. I love rs and i've been playing it for 8 years,it been fun and also very addictive to play!

HAPPY 12th Anniversay Runescape and many more years to come.

Thank you for all the events.
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