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Mod Rocket New J-Mod

Hi Iím Mod Rocket and the pleasure is all mine,

Iím here to help support all social media interaction and community video makers. I would love all the support you guys can give to help me become a better J-Mod and to also get to know you.

So a little snippet about me... Iím a massive anime fan as I have been watching it since I was 12 years old; I also love video editing and creating computer games in my down time.
Iím very fresh to the RuneScape environment (just finished my EoC training), so please be patient with me; if I donít understand some of your references, I can assure you that I will absorb it all in like a sponge.

Anyway, enough about me, I look forward to playing and talking to you all very soon.
Until then, party on!

Mod Rocket

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Welcome Mod Rocket!!!! You should open up an in game friends chat!

There are a lot of awesome things about Runescape! I'm bit of a video/design nerd myself, so I look forward to seeing what you bring to the table. Also, I love Avatar The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra! *the anime not the movie!*

If anyone wants to join in on "Count to 100 b4 Mod Rocket" here...
Quick find code: 55-56-524-64196141

See you around!
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Welcome! I can offer RS advice in exchange for anime recommendations (low power level)

Looking forward to breaking in the friends chat :)


17-Jan-2013 18:53:06

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1st pagee yeehaa :P
Welcome mod rocket i was looking forward to see you, hope you will create a friend's chat soon so we can have fun. if you need any help in-game i can teach you some!
(thanks for taking my twitter pictureee) :)
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17-Jan-2013 19:58:49

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You've already discovered the value of the Blue Partyhat, so I'm sure you'll get the hang of everything else the game has to offer too.

Good luck, perhaps we'll speak again in-game sometime!

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Welcome to Runescape Mod Rocket.

One of the very best ways of learning the references would be to join a clan, and watch the clan chat.

If you haven't joined one yet, I would love to invite you into ours. Our clan name is Bonded.

We're fairly new, 13 weeks old, and get our tier 5 citadel on Sunday 20th January.

Please message me in game if you would like an invitation, or message any member who is online.

Best wishes for your Runescape career.

Jads xx
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Welcome Mod Rocket and the Community Crusaders welcome you as well :). If you ever feel lost then you can just our Clan Chat and we will help you out or join other Community Friendly FC & CC's.

I am really looking forward to what you can bring to RuneScape :D and all of the amazing things you will create :).

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