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RuneScape Audio Team Reddit AMAA

With all the amazing new music and sound being created for RuneScape 3 we decided there could be no better time for the RuneScape Audio team to brave your questions in a live Reddit AMAA (Ask me Almost Anything) this Thursday 16th of May at 6pm BST (1pm EDT).

Most of the Audio team will be there including Mod Lord, Mod Bond, Mod Adam R, Mod Mik and Mod Ian!

We'll be updating this thread with the link to the AMAA itself on Thursday so get your questions ready! You'll need a Reddit account to ask your questions but making an account is easy so you can do it just before the session if you want to!

And here we go!

Audio Team AMAA!

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Tigger Pwnz

Tigger Pwnz

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That is amazing, this is by far my favourite BTS ever!
I'm entirely convinced sound is going to be revolutionary in RS3. I personally can't wait for the AMAA.

Fab work J-Mods. ;)

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