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Music Competition Winner

It's been a long and tough decision for our Audio Team to choose a winner from the amazing entries to our Music Theme Competition. After much deliberation, though, we have our winner!

Congratulations to Maxreidneer! You've not only won 50 spins, 1000 RuneCoins and a green skin cosmetic - your music will also feature in RuneScape itself!

Feast your ears on Maxreidneer's winning entry below:

We had loads of awesome entries, though, so our Audio Team thought they'd pick a few runners up to highlight in the official RuneScape Soundcloud. A big shout out to Denith2005, Dark ThundaX, PvMe Dan, Xtremeggnog and Tobax!

If that's not enough, they've also put together a medley of several of the entries. So, stick your headphones on and enjoy this showcase of the RuneScape community's musical talent.

Congratulations once again, Maxreidneer. We look forward to hearing your music in the game!

Mod Crow and the Community Team

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I wanna say to all contestants who made an electronic song. It's actually just as good as the winner :D. Sadly enough it doesn't really fit in the game :p

20-Jun-2013 17:02:46

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20-Jun-2013 17:03:01

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