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Hey everyone,

We had a Q&A in game with Mod Mark and the German and French RuneScape communities last week in which he answered tons of questions. Below are some of the highlights. Enjoy!

Titou/Arckange: After the numerous graphical updates, can we expect a complete rework of the graphics in game in the years to come?

Mod Mark: Thatís the plan, yes. We want to bring all the graphics up to the high standard we are achieving with the more recent updates.

4everZzZ: After the Evolution of Combat and the major changes it meant in terms of gameplay, do you plan on changing the gameplay again at some point (not necessarily going back to pre-EoC)?

Mod Mark: Combat gameplay, no, not really. There are some other bigger changes we would like to make with regards to how the players train skills, specifically the time they spend running between resource sites and banks, but thatís a while away.

Do you intend to create new areas in the world of Gielinor in the next few years?

Mod Mark: Yes

Arckange: Are you going to change the gameplay for the player-owned houses, or do you only plan a graphical update?

Mod Mark: We intend to change absolutely everything to do with construction, not just the graphics but also things like how you train the skill, where your house is and its relationship with other players.

Is the elf content you talked about in the BTS going to be the last quest of the Elven series or can we expect to see the elves more often after that quest?

Mod Mark: We have all sorts of plans for the elves. Concluding the existing storyline is just one of those plans.

Weíve seen that live music has been recorded for the game, and that voice-over will be even more frequent. Do you plan on adding localised voice-over in the game at some point?

Mod Mark: Possibly yes, but itís not part of our immediate plan. If you can help grow the community so we have more localised players, then itís easier to justify.

MaÓtre Sylv: Do you intend to extend the distance between existing places? With the new draw distance, cities seem really close to each other, which makes the world look smaller.

Mod Mark: Thatís something we could do yes.

Are we going to see RuneScape apps for tablets?

Mod Mark: Thatís one of our other plans at some point, yes, but itís not something we are actively working on right now.

We had no quests for 6 months. Are the quests going to be more evenly spread out over the year in 2014?

Mod Mark: I hope so yes. We still have several quests planned for 2013, but they will likely be released quite close together.

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When will you introduce the elven city of Prifdinnas? Is that solely dependent on HTML 5 or could that be content for the Java version as well?

Mod Mark: Itís not dependent of HTML5 but it will certainly look better if you are using it! I canít give you release dates on WHEN we intend to do it, but plans are beginning to take shape.

Will there be new elven quests with elven NPC?

Mod Mark: Yes.

When will Menaphos be available to players? Are there any plans how the city will look and feel like? Since the desert is very empty a new city with lots of interaction would boost all the other related content.

Mod Mark: I agree that filling Menaphos would be a cool thing to do, but its not on our immediate plans. Certainly I love the desert storylines and I look forward to adding more info on the desert pantheon.

Will the Eastern Lands be content for player owned ports exclusively or will players actually be able to venture there?

Mod Mark: Iíd love to be able to send players there in the future, but Iím more motivated to finish existing continents first. For now, just via the ports.

Will there be an offhand version of the abyssal whip or will players be left with only Excalibur?

Mod Mark: Itís actually an animation thing Ė right now we canít animate whips in the offhand. That might change in the future. There may be other offhand weapons which are similar in level to the whip in the future.

Mod Mark, you are lefthanded yourself. Will we see any lefthanded NPC in the future? It may sound silly but it would definitely be something new and bring a little diversity to the game, donít you think?

Mod Mark: I have to disagree. While I am all for supporting the lefties, it significantly increases our graphics workload to have mainhand animations work on the left and right hands. Iím not convinced its worth it. I will bring it up (again) with the artists though!

You keep telling the players that their decisions shape the future of the game. Will these decisions be final and set in stone or will players be able to alter decisions they have already made (like following a god)?

Mod Mark: Some decisions will be irreversible. Others wonít. Itís all I can say right now without spoiling the surprise :)

Will we see any other food in the future, for example soy beans? Firstly that would be a good way to train Cooking and secondly the possibilities with soy beans would be nearly unlimited.


Soy beans would be an interesting one too. Were they used in the dark ages? Iíll have to do some research on that :)

Will you launch more content like Warbands where you can level your skills from level 1 up to level 99 in just a couple of days and without much effort? You could have Construction at level 99 without ever having build a player-owned house.

Mod Mark: I donít agree that itís not much effort. Certainly there are risks involved. I would agree that the warbands will need to be monitored though. Equally, there are always ways ingame to gain XP without directly interacting with the skill. Warbands are just an extreme version of that.

Will you please stop concentrating on fancy graphics instead of tweaking minigames which more and more suffer from their lack of attractiveness?

Mod Mark: We intend to do both. :)

What are you planning to do against the increasingly important aspect of merching in RuneScape? The game suffers from that?

Mod Mark: Thatís just one downside of having a player driven economy. However, there are several more compelling benefits of a system like that.

Will the Goliath gloves revert to their pre-EoC version? Otherwise all the time necessary for boss kills will have been wasted.

Mod Mark: We are looking at improving some of the elements of the goliath gloves AND the Dominion tower in the future.

With RS3 being so packed with improvements what about clan management and citadels? Will we see changes for that as well?

Mod Mark: Yes.

Will there be additional levels for citadels so that clans can continue working on their already completed citadels?

Mod Mark: Possibly in the future, yes. No immediate plans for that.

Concerning the sky, how far will the viewing distance be? Will you be able to spot shooting stars from afar?

Mod Mark: Check out the BETA and see the draw distance yourself! Donít forget to turn the options up to full to do so.
RE the stars - Thatís a cool idea, but sadly no, not right now.

Will you introduce new flying monsters which can only be fought with ranged weapons and which would make the sky more Ďaction-packedí?

Mod Mark: Possibly, yes. We have been looking at our Aviantese recently for exactly that reason.

Is the Lady Lumbridge ever going to sail again?

Mod Mark: Perhaps some port specific content? Nobodyís working on getting the Lady sailing again right now, but who knows what the future might bring.

Is the port expansion going to include new adventurers i.e. The Hunter, The Geologist (Mining), The Traveling Dwarf (Smith)?

Mod Mark: Yes.

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And cont... :)

Would it be possible to let us design / choose the colours of new capes ourselves? Are there going to be more Veteran Capes in future?

Mod Mark: Actually the veteran cape was designed by working with the players. We would like to provide more flexibility with things like cosmetic gear choices in the future.

Concerning the dawn of the 6th age: Can we repair Edge please? It's scorched & burnt!

Mod Mark: Good idea. Perhaps so!

Will dynamic weather (snow, rain and fog) play a role in RunesCapeís future?

Mod Mark: We already use all of those things in game, but not dynamically. Things like day night sequences or dynamic weather effects are a big undertaking, and we have bigger aims with regards to improving the current graphics.

Will the air guitar emote remain the only music instrument emote? How about a drum set?

Mod Mark: We have always wanted to add more instruments, but Iíd rather do so in a different way than emotes :)

Why are there no quests with Diango? And why not with Clothears, the only calm goblin? Are they that unimportant?

Mod Mark: Diango is generally there for item retrieval and for April fools jokes, but he could have a cameo role in a quest in the future I guess. He isnít particularly important and thereís no secret back story for him. At least, not yet.

Clothears Ö were not sure about him, and to be totally honest youíve just reminded us that he actually exists! Perhaps he has found some sort of spiritual enlightenment that sadly escapes other goblins. Iíd rather not wake him up and ask, he seems so peaceful.

Do you plan to incorporate player-generated music in the game (quests where players will have to compose or make music)?

Mod Mark: See the previous answer about drums.

Can you develop an Android app for the forum so that you can use the forum while travelling etc.?

Mod Mark: We could do, yes. We have plans for RS apps!

Will the Divination skill be f2p? If not, will free players be able to experience the whole lore etc. or will they lose out?

Mod Mark: Divination will be primarily a members only skill. If a free player doesnít want to miss out, there is an obvious answer. Become a member!

Will Divination be skillable up to level 120?

Mod Mark: Thatís not the plan, no.

Will there be any connection between RS2 and RS3?

Mod Mark: Itís the same game! You canít get a stronger connection that that.

Will RS3 see the disappearance of NPC?

Mod Mark: If I understand the question correctly, youíre asking if we are going to make all NPCís disappear? No, we wonít be doing that. That would be crazy.

What would you personally like to see in RuneScape?

Mod Mark: See previous question about drums.

Will we see more opponents as mighty as Vorago?

Mod Mark: Yes.

Can you add the option of repeating a music title ingame?

Mod Mark: Yes.

Will there be an update of the world map with some information included that is missing on the old map?

Mod Mark: Yes

Can you add more rooms for the Construction skill? For example, more decoration, a second floor patio or a bathroom? And what about neighbours? Then you could have little clan villages, maybe even with the citadel?

Mod Mark: Yes

When will you bring back F2P highscore lists?

Mod Mark: There are no plans to do that right now. I think there has been some confusion on this matter.

What happened to BotWatch? Was it cancelled or will it be revamped to better track down and fight bots?

Mod Mark: Itís still there, itís working well in some areas and not so well in others. We are still improving it.

Will free players get the chance to actually train Construction? Skilling by using lamps only is just plain crazy.

Mod Mark: Perhaps in time, yes.

Will we see foreign language dubbing of important NPC in the future?

Mod Mark: There are no immediate plans to do that. Help us to grow our non-English speaking communities and it will be easier to justify doing it!

Will you please make an update for the Mage Training Area? It is seven years old now.

Mod Mark: Yes, several minigames just arenít good enough. Ultimately weíd love to rework all of them, including the mage training area.

Will players earn XP by killing other players again, just like they did in the past? That would really make sense especially in Castle Wars & Soul Wars!

Mod Mark: I donít personally believe that PKíing should be your primary way of gaining XP in combat skills. So the answer is no.

Will players be fighting the gods themselves in this new age?

Mod Mark: Wait and see :D

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Mark can speak French and German?


Elf quest - awesome. Just a matter of when now :P

Shooting stars in the sky in HTML5 - that'd be awesome to see in game. Then again you'd need that visible in Java too so there is no gameplay advantage, or game messages in your chat window when you're in the vicinity of a falling star.

Elven city in HTML 5 - something I'm really looking forward to seeing :D

Menaphos opened - again, something I'd love to see as well. Maybe also a primary skilling area for certain level ranges in a particular skill...

Reworking minigames - a definite must. The sooner this happens the better. I really want to see minigames brought to life again.

Some things that kinda disappointed me:

No F2P highscores - I do remember someone from Jagex saying that reduction of bot numbers by a large amount would allow the reintroduction of F2P highscores. Is this still the case or are there absolutely no plans to do this now, regardless of what happens with bots?

No combat XP when PKing - I don't really like this :( I preferred it when you got combat XP when you fought in PvP-enabled area. Why can you get mining XP and agility XP in wild, but not combat XP when fighting other players? I agree that it shouldn't be a primary way to get combat XP, whether it be in the wild or in minigames/D&Ds, but I still personally think that you should get some combat XP since after all, it is combat...

Thanks for all the info here. This was a great read :D

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first page :o

Mod†Sushi†Pi said:

Will the Goliath gloves revert to their pre-EoC version? Otherwise all the time necessary for boss kills will have been wasted.

Mod Mark: We are looking at improving some of the elements of the goliath gloves AND the Dominion tower in the future.

can't wait for this, i really missed the old goliath gloves because they were so unique


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