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popcap280 said:
Why all the negativity rs3 is going in a good direction support.

This. The whiners on these threads are unbelievable.

All vets don't hate the direction runescape is going in. While I remain adamantly opposed to p2w (sof + bonds, etc..) I do support the direction of runescape in terms of it's gameplay changes to what was some horribly outdated gameplay before.

Jagex has my vote, and I wish them the best in obtaining this reward. I will stand behind Runescape always; and I would suggest you go question some people in game (not just from your respective clans who likely share your sentiments) and not just forumers only before declaring that EVERYONE hates the changes; as basing that on just forumers is a very biased and small sample in comparison to the entire population of runescape.

Post positive feedback or don't waste your breath spewing negativity. Sarcasm and trolling isn't going to get anyone anywhere... constructive criticism is.

That said you are free to vote as you want, just don't be an appendage about it.

04-Oct-2013 19:05:52

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