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First and foremost, this is a very cool and admirable initiative. :) It will draw attention to an important issue that would have drifted off into the ether to have been forgotten about. Jagex's goodwill and compassion could make a real difference.


Secondly, both events are cool, but please note that a Double XP weekend has the potential to reach a wider group of people. The profit margins for both events are very different. One is targeted at the community at large ( Double XP), the other is targeted at a sub-group (the pvm community).

On this occasion it would be beneficiary to reach a wide group of people. Accordingly, a Double XP event would be the preferred option. :)
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29-Jan-2014 21:01:33



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Double xp would be very helpful. There are skillers who will view this as useless. Double xp is helpful to everyone. Please vote double xp.

I'm totally gonna play Runescape 24/7 on those days.

29-Jan-2014 21:03:48

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will double experience include all skills? or will there be a limitation on summoning/prayer etc etc?


would all drops be doubled as well? such as frost dragon bones x2, or would it be just rare item drops that would be doubled?

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I will be voting for neither, as I don't think we need either of them, and both will have a huge impact on the economy.

From the looks of it, it looks like double xp is going to win. In that case i'll be tranining summoning, going to reach 25M sum xp if the xp is x2. I really hope they don't do it like last time, but instead something like the previous years where the xp multiplier decreases over time.

If double drops are going to win, I hope I can at least find a free spot af Dks or otherwise do some slayer.

29-Jan-2014 23:27:28

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